Pandinus Imperator (Emperor Scorpion)


Temp/ Humidity: 75-90 80%

Origin: Western Africa                   

Keeper level: Beginner

Size: 7.9"

Lifespan: 5-8yrs

Litter Size: 20-35

Description: The Emperor scorpion is one of the largest scorpions in the world at around 7.9". They have very large pincers(pedipalps) with heavy granulation which is what they use to disable prey, the stinger(telson) is not often used.

Rainforest's in western Africa home the majority of imperators with them being found on the ground in burrows and under logs. Make sure to give 3-6" of substrate that they can use to construct their own burrows.

If being kept communal it is best to have only 1 male as they will get aggressive, such as when a female becomes gravid she will be aggressive and should be seperated. The average gestion period is around 9 months but can be longer, and they can have anywhere between 5-30 offspring.

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